Where to Take the Best Cathedral Tour of Austria

charmcitylimousine / January 31, 2021

If you’re intoigiordrying trip to an unusual place then you’ll love Salzburg – well-known as the City of Music, a vibrant and historical city located on the easternmost edge of Austria. You can visit many of the sites that have a Beatles or Kurt Cobain vibe – this includes the official Beatles Walk of Fame, the avant-garde upkeep of Ingression Church, and much more. By way of a comparison, here’s a quick rundown of where you can discover the best Cathedral tours of Austria.

Eisriesenwelt Cathedral

This impressive faith celebration is well worth a visit when you’ve just arrived on the transfers from Salzburg Airport to the city. As you alight from the transfers, you’ll be about a kilometre away from the edge of town and close to the main square; when you’re finished sightseeing here, head west to the church itself! The Eisriesenwelt Cathedral’s 20th century was marked by bold colours, elaborate terra cotta construction, and an array of stained glass. To give you an idea of just what it looks like, here’s a selection of photos from the interior of the Cathedral.

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Another impressive sight you should definitely aim to see when you’ve arrived on the transfers from Salzburg Airport to the city. Built in the 11th century, the fortress was once used as a Bavarian castle and today it houses a museum. Located on top of a hill, you can get splendid panoramic views of the city.

Mozart’s Birthplace

Well, no place in Austria is perfect for Mozart – but you should certainly visit his birthplace, Mozart-Wohnhaus, on Wolfgang Mozart- Mozartstrasse, if you haven’t already visited. You may be at the very start of the stroll, but if you are around the halfway point, continue on to Mozart’s mausoleum, where the famed composer was born.

Hausshire National Park

Vienna is a wonderful city that shows off all that Italy has to offer – its cafes, its bars, its charm and its beauty. It’s also quite famous for its sweeping vineyards, rolling Yorkshire countryside and – of course- its arts and culture.

Hausshire National Park is located in the hills of Gratzamsee, a region just outside of Vienna, close to the Austrian Alps. Densely covered by vegetation, the park is Austria’s largest natural park and is extremely varied. One of the most famous highlights is the mix of wild simplestoils and alpine meadows, with hundreds of kilometres of lakes, ponds and natural trails. Some of these trails have been used since ancient times. The park is also Austria’s longest preserved forest.

The Salzburg Festival

You might not know it, but Salzburg is as big a city in Austria as Vienna is. As a result it has a great deal to offer: from its firm architectural roots to its vibrant cultural scene, it has everything you would expect in a ‘thief town’ and yet it is now more cosmopolitan than ever.

Over the past few years, however, it has also become a Mecca for music fans all over the world. Foreignitects have loved the city for many years as it provided an excellent backdrop for their architectural fantasies. landed in on the Salzburg shuttle and after making your way into the city you are soon to realise why it is often referred to as the ‘The City of Music’. Once you are back in your Salzburg shuttle, head out to Lisplitz Palace and see for yourself why it’s loved throughout the world.

The 16th century creaking Victorians and fresco-decorated Baroque mansion known as the Schloss Scharpek is now one of the most visited attractions in the city. Many a postcard photographer has captured the beauty of the palace in postcard #1. The palace is now a museum and you can visit it for free. You will be given a tour that will take you round the houses and gardens of the palace, see the owl collection in the Bird Garden and the Fairy Tale Trail. A worthwhile afternoon out for the whole family.

After watching the sunset by the gothic Reeperbahn in front of Brandenburg Gate, stroll across the Prater Platz and witness a uniquely festive performance of the Vienna Boys’ Choir. You can get cheap tickets to the show at the gate.* For a romantic meal don’t misserning in Grazit a great traditional Austrian restaurant. The food is delicious and you can choose vegetarian meals or traditional meat and fish dishes.

.* Check out the Old Town in the morning before dinner, soak up the atmosphere and watch the street performers.