New York City is a Man-Made Delight

charmcitylimousine / January 31, 2021

The Big Apple is more than amazing skyscrapers built with leading edge design principles. The man-made wonders of this city reach into to the depths of the earth and into the heart of the ocean.

When you think of Manhattan you are probably thinking of the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. They are both man-made and are both famous and well loved by people all over the world. There is so much more to New York City and building up in Manhattan has become a hobby for people from around the world.

The lead-earned claim to fame for the Big Apple is 9/11, the largest man-made disruption of the planet in the twentieth century. Building seven was severely damaged in the terrorist attacks and you can bet your bottom dollar that many people prefer to stay in their hotels in New York City, not wanting to be further away from the action.

In fact the best thing about being in the Big Apple is that everything is so compact and easy to use. The whole City is a pedestrian friendly place which makes it extremely appealing for tourists. However, continuous battles with terrorism have to be taken into account as a serious and central concern. This is New York; stranger things have happened and its not too far off that we may be facing terrorism of our own. It is important to remember that the people who lose their lives in thesehole attacks are not terrorists. They are normality-seeking citizens like you and me.

We should also consider that the transportation system in New York is among the best in the world. It is impossible to fail to appreciate the genius of Michael Corleone in USA and New York. Having three different airports (twelve if you count JFK) in close proximity is a recipe for a convenient hassle free stay. Getting to and from all over is a breeze. The city is easier to navigate than many realize and a personal challenge cannot be undertaken without a GPS.

For those not interested in the glitz and glamour of New York City, there are many other cities in the world with more appeal and history. Tours of London, Paris, Madrid, Paris again, can be enjoyed with a focus on the comfort and convenience of the city. Perhaps the most bitter sweeter loss, but tours of these grand cities often include a visit to Ground Zero. It will feel like a visit to many have only one long year to live at a cost, but, in reality, there is a lengthened human life. The important thing is to consider the nature of these cities while I’m still young enough to enjoy it.

In any case you don’t have to use a GPS to find your way around New York. If a map is within reason, it’s fun to just start walking. New York is easy to navigate on foot. Just keep your eye out for the Rat Pack. They are major players in their field and seem to have more airtime than most. Just watching them buzz around, wave at other pedestrians and misbehave can provide all the alone time you need. If in doubt, follow your gut. There’s no better place to find out just what you’re made of.

Once you’ve found your bearings and felt comfortable, you should visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There are two admission fees involved for this museum, one for getting in and one for the art you want to view for an hour. The entrance ticket will provide you with virtually any experience you might need. Since the museum opened in Deal Street in 1913, over1500 works of art have been displayed. With over 12,000 works, you’ll certainly see a piece of something here that caught your eye.

If you think you might want to purchase some souvenirs, there are many gift shops in the museum for you to choose from. They also sell artwork, ceramics, and jewelry in addition to being able to order discounted custom-made gifts online.

Art lovers can spend a leisurely afternoon and evening here, as the museum has of course art exhibits for you to view. Since this is New York City’s most popular museum, advance tickets are important and go quickly. It’s best to go to the museum an hour before it opens, but you never know how long it will stay open. It would be a good idea to call the museum ahead of time to ensure it is open. The outdated website is only so reliable as the information provided online can be unreliable. Better to confirm with a staff member at the information desk, or come early, as the museum often runs in the summertime.