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charmcitylimousine / February 15, 2021

Holland is the land of tulips. When it comes to seeing tulips, no place in the world outdoes the Keukenhof Gardens.

Keukenhof Gardens

The Keukenhof Gardens are located to the southwest of Amsterdam. I know this because I was visiting Amsterdam and specifically looking for the Keukenhof Gardens, located right next to the Rijksmuseum.

The best way to describe the gardens is to simply say that you have garden, trees and flowers all lain out on the ground. Planted just about anywhere will result in a tulip field in this garden.

The tulip field is about 15 to 20 feet in diameter and is extremely well tended providing impressive flowering trees and flowers. Even better the flowers bloom throughout the spring and summer providing a brilliant display of colors and scents for less than $20 a bloom (for me).

The Southern gardens are the oldest and largest of our garden series and ever since 1836. Another huge surprise: tulips grow here!

To see the gardens, take the Holland Tour or City Guide often available at tourist information offices and many others around town. I also recommend the AAA guide book for the entire region.

makeshift picnic places are made and equipped with everything needed, including benches, umbrellas, handrails, and shovels! A beautiful sunny spot to enjoy a nice lunch or sunset snack, or to sneak a few peeks at the flowers without people around you.

Keukenhof Gardens

South of the center of the city is the hilly surrounding area known as Uitkijk, sometimes known as the ” Golden Quarter” or the “old town.”

Temperatures here can reach 50 degrees Celsius with seldom rain. It’s great for fossils and stony-calcrete photography opportunities. Uitkijk is preserved by b grottoes, a castle, and many preserved houses from the medieval era.

To the north of Uitkijk is the village of Kungsportsdam, world renowned for salmon bathing, a brilliant blue sea, and excellent shopping. Above Kungsportsdam is the village of Lambertsesteenweg, well known for preserved gardens and windmills dating back to the 17th century.

On the southwest side of the island is the famously secluded village of Arnhem, known for hiking up to the famous (and cold) Matterhorn.

Named for the nectar of the gods, this pretty village is one of the most popular spots along the island’s winding waterways.

Temperatures are much milder than along most of the rest of the country, and the spring and summer are definitely the best times to visit Arnhem.

On the eastern side is Colenso, a very scenic village on the tip of the island. It’s a haven for flowers,birds, and relaxed travelers.

Just a half-hour flight from Harlingen airport, Colenso is a great option for travelers who want to combine a trip to a destination with a stop in a musical venue.

Stretching for nearly 40 km along the coastline is De Panforte, also known as “Little Venice.”It’s a haven for travelers who enjoy quiet beaches and a myriad of shopping possibilities.

De Panforte has become a favorite for honeymooners who enjoy deep, peaceful beaches as well as chic shops and restaurants. It’s is also a favorite spot for families who want to shop and have an enjoyable meal.

The extremely pretty village of waesche is located an hour and a half from Panforte and is a great destination for travelers with children.

Amsterdam is one of the world’s most visited cities and is a must-see city. Portable Walking Tour Wonder

Amsterdam is washed by the waters of the North Sea and served by cheap ferry services from Spain, France and Germany.

400 years ago, Amsterdam was a tiny fishing village that was quickly transformed into a commercial, cultural and entertainment center in the 1500s. Now Amsterdam is a city of more than 1.5 million people about 80 kilometers north of Amsterdam. In fact, it’s one of the largest cultural centers in the world. There are as many as ten different languages spoken here, giving://www.unta.iza a distinct Dutch feeling. unta.iza has a great day trip and finds that both interesting and cheap shopping are easily accessible from any point in the city. The old town is nearly two miles behind the modern conveniences of the Klompen. Here you will find narrow cramped alleys, tiny one-room houses andinterspersed with flower boxes, statues and pottery shops.

Havenmillnest was created in the 17th century by devotees of Van Gogh.